Happy Gardens of Austin is a young but very ambitious landscape company in Texas with a spotless reputation!

Our team has been designing and transforming outdoor spaces for many years now and we have always been able to find a way to make you and your garden HAPPY. Our landscape projects vary in scale and complexity, and we are proud to say we take all kinds of our projects very seriously, regardless of your landscaping needs (whether its remodeling, new construction or restoration).

For our designs, we use drought-tolerant, adaptable and native plants, plus high-quality hardscape materials. We create landscapes that thrive in Central Texas - they combine modern design solutions that are smart and unique. Thoroughness and attention to detail is key in every project, on every level. Our philosophy is making our customers HAPPY!

Anna Bass

Hello, I am Hanna. I have been doing landscape design projects for my clients both in America and Europe. Hundreds of projects were delivered and supervised by me so my customers benefited greatly by getting an end-to-end high-quality job. I'll be delighted to work with you on making your dreams come true.

Hanna Bass Landscape designer Austin

While every project is exclusive, our high standards are consistent!

Our strategy is partnership and innovation. We work directly with clients and in collaboration with builders, architects, and local landscape nursery centers. We believe in openness, communication and are devoted to delivering on time and on budget.