Watering in August in Texas

Texas summer is in full blast, and the heat is no joke. Even the most resilient local plants are having trouble hydrating, let alone the more sensitive garden varieties. Here are some tips on how to water your garden correctly:

1) Water at night
At night (especially in the early hours before dawn) the air is at its coolest and water won’t evaporate that quickly. Watering your lawn and plants when the sun is out not only makes you waste water but can also harm the leaves because each waterdrop acts like a lens that focuses sun rays in one spot and burns the foliage underneath.

2) Water gradually
If you are using a garden hose or a watering can avoid pouring water on your plant all at once. Be patient. You don’t want the water to pool on the surface and get absorbed by the soil too far from the plant. You want it to go in depth. Pour some water above the root, let it get absorbed then pour some more. The more water the plant needs, the more watering ‘rounds’ you should do.

3) Water mindfully
In some areas in Texas, the utility companies set limitations on the use of sprinkler systems. You may not be able to turn off the sprinklers more than twice or even once a week. If your garden is asking for more water, do not despair, you can always do it manually following the tips above. If you are mindful of the amount of water you use and manage to water efficiently on the ‘as needed’ basis, your garden will survive any heatwave.

Austin, Texas August 5th, 2020