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🥕🌿Must-have gardening tools (with price ranges)🌿🥕

Regardless of how much gardening you do, if you have a backyard, a lawn or even a few potted plants on your balcony, there is a bare minimum of gardening tools that everyone should have in their home. So here’s my checklist for beginners and aspiring gardeners

  1. Hose – For small yards, patios, and balconies, 25 feet should be enough. Larger yards may need 50‘ to reach the farthest corners. And it is typically 1/2” in diameter. Approximate price range – $24.00-31.00
  2. Shovel – 46”. Long Handle Steel Round Point Shovel – $6.68-9.98
  3. Plastic Bucket – $2.26-9.95
  4. Leaf rake and soil rake – $22.00-36.00
    Be sure to choose rakes from very rigid and solid material.
  5. Garden Gloves $3.00-8.00 – at least two pairs.
  6. Watering Can (2 gal.) – $3.25-6.65
  1. Hand Bypass Pruner – $9.65-12.35
  2. Axe 🪓 small, medium – $16.00-32.60
  3. Pump Plastic Sprayer (1 gal.) -$9.97-12.35
    It’s better to have two of these because you can use one for good stuff like a fertilizer and another one for toxic stuff like herbicides.
  4. Aerator Spike Shoes – $26.00-32.00- a funny way of doing something good for you lawn by just walking on the grass.
  5. Lawn Mower – $269.00-669.00 – the bigger your lawn is the more powerful it has to be. Always choose a gas mower over an electrical one (unless it’s cordless). Having a cable in your way is a hassle, plus it can accidentally get chopped by the blades while you are mowing. I personally prefer self-propelled models because they let you enjoy your garden work.

Try not to buy tools from questionable sources but go to professional suppliers like Home Depot, Lowe’s, Harbor Freight Tools, etc. Remember, investments into your garden inventory will definitely pay off. It will save you money, time, and peace of mind

August 11th, Austin. TX